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Roberto Barragan - President/CEO

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Roberto Barragan has been the President/CEO of VEDC since 1999, and during the ensuing years has created an organization that is a recognized leader in the provision of debt financing and technical assistance to underserved small businesses, many of whom are minority-owned. A regional organization when Mr. Barragan became President/CEO, today VEDC provides products and services throughout the State of California, and is increasingly called upon to provide their small business lending expertise to organizations serving other urban areas in the country. VEDC currently has an active loan portfolio of more than $20 million, a number that will reach $50 million by 2015. The organization has an operating budget of $5.0 million, 45 employees, and offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Roberto is a master strategist, possessing a sixth sense about the solutions and opportunities that lie hidden in often obvious places. He is an experienced speaker, who is able to project his knowledge and enthusiasm to any size audience. Roberto is a nationally-recognized expert in financing options for small businesses.

University of California, Berkeley
- Masters of Business Administration, Marketing and Real Estate Concentration

Princeton University
- Bachelor of Arts, Politics and International Law

Areas of Expertise:
Non-profit management, community economic development, financial resources development, technical assistance to for-profit and non-profit entities, small business lending.

Warren Cooley - VP of Marketing and Communications

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Warren Cooley has a knack for getting things done. He sees a need, creates a plan, engages a team, and pushes through to completion. Because of this reputation he is often the executive team member at VEDC who is given the responsibility for new initiatives. Since joining the organization in 2000, Mr. Cooley has been the VP of Marketing and Communications, VP of Operations, Director of Retail and Business Services, Director of Economic Development, Associate Director of Small Business Development Centers, and Manager of the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) office in Ventura County. Prior to joining VEDC he owned two (2) businesses: The Living Tree, a small chain of bookstores located in Southern California regional shopping centers; and, EDCON, an economic consulting and project management firm, providing pre-development services to the recreation, entertainment and real estate industries.

Warren is an energetic speaker, who possess practical knowledge of most business issues. He is adept at simplifing complex topics, then developing a story line that makes the subject understandable and entertaining. He is an accomplished facilitator of workshops.

University of Wyoming
- Bachelor of Science, Education & Recreation

University of Oregon
- Masters of Health & Recreation

Areas of Expertise:
Real estate development, retail development, downtown revitalization, urban economic development, and business basics.

Angela Stanislawski - VP of Operations

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Prior to assuming the VP of Operations position, Angela was the VEDC’s Director of Lending. She was instrumental in creating the organizations ever-expanding loan capital pool which has now reached $25 million. In her current role she is responsible for the day-to-day operations of VEDC, and continues to work with the President in securing new loan capital. Ms. Stanislawski has been responsible for integrating new systems and procedures that have created a more seamless integration of VEDC’s loan portfolio management software and the fund management-based accounting system. She is a very good tactical speaker, able to take a myriad of data, organize it into a logical sequence, and deliver an inspiring and memorable message.

Angela Stanislawski began her VEDC career in 1998 as Program Assistant for its Lending Division. During her tenure in the Lending Division, Angela has held the positions of Microloan Program Coordinator, Program Manager for VEDC’s largest loan program, Los Angeles Revolving Loan Program, and Collections Manager. Angela is also a Notary Public for the State of California.

California State University Northridge
- Bachelors of Science, Communicative Disorders and Sciences

Areas of Expertise:
Business lending, human resource management, time management.

Lynn Fernandez - VP of Lending

Ms. Fernandez has been in the business banking field for more than 20 years. She has worked for commercial banks, Office of the Controller of the Currency, and Community Development Financial Institutions. Lynn is an expert in credit analysis, and has extensive experience training management and staff in this area. She has also developed a set of metrics that are adaptable in various organizational types, for measuring and reporting on loan portfolio performance.

University of Denver
- Bachelor of Science, Finance

Areas of Expertise:
Credit, risk management, financial report assessment, and business development.

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